Trailer: Comedian Yvonne Orji Shares Life Story In Sitcom ‘First Gen’

In the current pilot ‘First Gen’, comedian Yvonne Orji is putting a spotlight on the first generation children of Nigerian immigrants. The story is based on her actual life of stepping away from her journey in the medical world and becoming a stand-up comedian. Check out the sitcom’s newly released trailer.

The success of entertainers like Lupita Nyong’o David Oyelowo, and Uzo Aduba suggests that mainstream America is ready to tune into a series like ‘First Gen’.” But they also add that the show is aimed for audiences who have made shows such as “Black-ish,” “Jane the Virgin” and “Fresh off the Boat,” hit shows, and will be “relatable to a wide audience. On camera, you will see a Nigerian-American family, but the themes of self-discovery and taking leaps of faith, are all universal. Nigerians make up the largest percentage of African Immigrants in America, so most Americans know a Nigerian or know someone who knows a Nigerian.


The project is currently in development.

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