Trevor Noah Says Jon Stewart Left ‘The Daily Show’ Because He Was Angry

Photo: The Daily Show

Trevor Noah may have given us some further insight on why Jon Stewart decided to leave ‘The Daily Show’ desk after all those years.  During, The Daily Show’s FYC event, Noah would tell the night’s host about a conversation he had with Stewart as he was preparing to leave the show. Noah would go on to say that Stewart felt more angry than happy, and didn’t think it was best for the show. “He said ‘I’m leaving because I’m tired… I’m tired of being angry…. angry all the time. I don’t find any of this funny. I do not know how to make it funny right now, and I don’t think the host of the show, I don’t think the show deserves a host who does not feel that it is funny,” Noah would reveal during his time on stage.

As of recent, it appears Stewart has been in good spirits, as he has just kicked off his series of shows with Dave Chappelle down in Texas. Maybe we’ll see Stewart soon pop back by at his old job? Watch ‘The View’ discuss Noah’s conversation with Stewart, below.