Trevor Noah Tells GQ, Twitter Backlash Was Good To Have Happened

trevor noah

In a new feature with GQ Magazine (photo above), Trevor Noah spoke on the controversy that surrounded a few of his Twitter jokes a while back. A group of fans became outraged to Noah’s old Tweets and even wanted him replaced as The Daily Show’s new anchor. While talking to GQ about it, Trevor explained why he thought the backlash was actually a good thing.

GQ: What about the experience of having America go back through your Twitter account and single out certain posts?

TREVOR: Yeah, but that needed to happen. What happened there was perfect. Here’s something you gotta understand: you can take any tweet and make it offensive. Any tweet. Here’s a thing that people don’t get: people had already vetted my tweets. People had read through my stuff. I had two million followers at that point. So even if we remove fake accounts and non-active accounts and all of those numbers, let’s work on a safe number and say there’s a million active people, alright? There were a million people vetting my account every single day. There’s a million people who’ve been reading my tweets every single day. Do you really think I snuck through the cracks as an anti-Semitic, sexist, misogynistic racist? You’re insulting every single one of those people for, what? Just missing it? The funniest thing to me was when there was the Jewish council of South Africa, they wrote a long letter, and they were like, “We know Trevor Noah. We know his comedy. He’s the furthest thing from an anti-Semite.” They were like, “This guy makes jokes about everything, and some of these things weren’t even jokes; they were just random stuff.” And then what did people say? Instead of going, “Oh, maybe you guys know him better,” they said, “Oh, such a pity, these Jews in South Africa, they even hate themselves.” And then you realize, if people want to be angry, you can’t stop them from being angry. You just have to let them be angry.

Trevor officially sits at The Daily Show desk this September.

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