Have You Tried Mike Epps New Voice Game For Alexa, ‘Sounds Fun With Mike Epps’?

Photo: The Sun-Times

Mike Epps is looking at getting into the gaming industry as his newest audio-game, Sounds Fun With Mike Epps hits the Alexa market. For Mike, he’s hoping the new game will be extremely interactive as he does impressions of several sounds for the game. Players of the Sounds Fun With Mike Epps are expected to guess the sounds Epps performs. According to the official statement, Mike had the idea when he was playing a guessing game with his own children. Sounds Fun is available for Alexa’s Echo Buttons.

Official Statement:

Well-known for his stand-up comedy and performances on the Starz series Survivor’s Remorse and the HBO Emmy-winning biopic Bessie, Mike Epps is also a master at making hilarious sound effects with his voice. The sound effects included in “Sounds Fun” will range from the obvious to the absurd, such as a “lawn mower” or “helicopter” to “Donald Trump getting a haircut.” Every day a new and different sound will be released, making each game a unique experience for the players. Epps will also serve as the game’s judge, providing a comedic mix of friendly encouragement and snarky banter. “Growing up, I didn’t have many games. I had to use my imagination and to my family I became known as the king of sound effects,” says Mike Epps. “Years later, when I would play games with my children and they would guess the sound effects I was making, I had a lightbulb moment: This could be a fun, hilarious and interactive guessing game! When the opportunity arose to partner with Ground Control to make this into a game for Alexa, I jumped at the chance. I hope everyone will enjoy “Sounds Fun” as much as my family does.”

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