TV Show On The ‘Comedy Get Down’ With Lopez, Hughley, Cedric, Griffin, And Murphy Reportedly In The Works

dl hughley, cedric the entertainer

How does it sound to see a day in the life of a few veteran comedians in the game in a scripted TV series? Well it looks to be in the works according to D.L. Hughley. In a recent interview with Rolling Out, D.L. noted that a TV show on the current Comedy Get Down Tour  with George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, and Charlie Murphy is being put together along with taking the tour overseas.

RO – How much longer will the tour go on?

D.L. – We plan to keep going. We are doing Africa, Australia, Europe, additional dates in the States, and we have a TV show we will start in April. It will keep going until we can’t stand each other and we know that will not happen.

RO: Tell us about the TV show.

D.L. – The TV show is a hybrid scripted-reality show. It is all about us on tour, getting ready for tour, and being with our families. For the scripted part, we will write stories of us going on the road ,which will intertwine with the reality component.

So far it’s not known what network will get apart of the reported series, let you know more as details surface.

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