‘Uncle Ruckus’ Actor Calls Kanye “Trumps Favorite Negro”

Rapper Kanye West clearly is about to drop an album soon as he has been stirring up talks online. Most recently, West took a picture of himself wearing Donald Trumps’s controversial ‘Make America Great Again’ hat. The president and West would end up complimenting each other over Twitter. Many would respond to West’s decision to align himself with Trump with criticism.

Now actor Gary Anthony Williams of ‘The Boondocks’ is using his platform to address West. While voicing his Boondock’s character Uncle Ruckus, Williams would dub Kanye as “Trumps Favorite Negro”. For those that don’t get why this is interesting. Uncle Ruckus was an over-exaggeration of a black man who turned his back on his own race while praising white society. Yikes.

Check out Williams’s clip, below.

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