Unmade ‘Richard Pryor’ Biopic May Cost Lee Daniels $5 Million, Damon Dash Files Lawsuit Against Daniels

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If you know anything about entrepreneur Damon Dash, he has a couple people on his radar that he’s not too fond of, with one being Lee Daniels. According to Dash, he loaned Lee $2 Million early in his career to direct a project but was never paid back since then. Now, Dash is seeking that the court of law will step in to finally help him get what he feels he’s owed. According to reports, Dash is seeking $5 Million from Daniels for not upholding a previous agreement to pay his debt which included a producer credit for the highly anticipated ‘Richard Pryor biopic’ starring Mike Epss. Daniels would end up stepping away from the project and Damon allegedly would never receive his agreed credit.

Damon Dash and Lee Daniels have some serious bad blood. In the latest $5 million lawsuit by the Roc-A-Fella mogul, Dash claims the director stiffed him from receiving producer credit on a Richard Pryor biopic. According to the multi-claim suit filed on Tuesday, Daniels dropped the project before its completion. “Although Mr. Daniels did in fact become a writer, director and producer of the ‘Pryor Film’ as per numerous industry publications, Defendants never informed Plaintiff of the film’s progress, or made any commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the EP consideration (including alternative, mutually-agreed upon, comparable consideration) that he was legally obligated to secure. Furthermore, it has been commonly reported amongst reputable sources that Mr. Daniels unilaterally departed from the ‘Pryor Film’ ultimately ending the production.”The suit also mentions years of back-and-forth and “efforts to mediate.”


We talked to Torrei Hart some time ago and she explained to our cameras on feeling Dash deserves more respect for his contributions in entertainment.

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