An Update On Ardie Fuqua Months After Being Severely Injured In Car Accident Along With Tracy Morgan


When Tracy Morgan was injured in his car crash last June he was accompanied by several others including comedians Jimmy Mack (who passed), Harris Stanton (injured), and the severely injured Ardie Fuqua. The other day comedy writer Jeffery Gurian caught up with Fuqua to see how he has been recovering.

There hasn’t been much news about his condition. He was in a medically induced coma until July with devastating injuries to his brain and body, and his leg was shattered in five places. He told me the injuries were so severe that they had to replace his femur, the largest, strongest bone in the body, with titanium. It takes a HUGE amount of force to break a femur. And on top of everything else, he recently needed yet another surgery on his leg. He’s in rehab four times a week at least, but he tries his best to stay in good spirits and he’s just happy to be alive. He also realizes he has a long road ahead of him. He was sitting right next to Jimmy Mac, and he realizes it could have gone any other way. As a matter of fact he told me he was so badly injured that they thought they lost him a few times. It was that close. He definitely feels Blessed. And there’s a very special twist to this story. As an unexpected outcome he’s back with the love of his life who came to his bedside when she heard he was so badly hurt, even though they had previously broken up. Now that’s a good woman! She said she’d always felt they should be together. And now he feels like he’s a changed man, with a whole different way of thinking. He said he wakes up feeling grateful every day. That says a whole lot for a person who’s been through what he’s been through. Even when the physical damage heals the emotional damage will be with him for a long time to come. The psychological trauma of the whole thing is still with him every moment, and it’s hard for him to talk about it. He said he alternates between crutches and a cane. I hope to be able to visit him soon, and bring him the good wishes of so many people who are rooting for his recovery. Ardie is a great guy who takes such pleasure in performing. I really hope he gets to do it again some day.


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  1. Thank you for the news. I texted him a few times right after the accident, but don’t even know if he has the same #. It was frustrating to not hear anything about Ardie’s condition…even though Tracy is the bigger name, he’s not any more important than Ardie or any of the other actors that suffered. Strong prayers for Ardie’s full recovery. I know he’ll be fine, he’s been through worse.

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