Video Resurfaces Of Chris Rock Watching Louis CK, & Rickey Gervais Using The ‘N-Word’

Not sure how this will end up. Louis CK is already in hot water after admitting sexual misconduct this year, so a video of him using ‘The N-Word’ probably doesn’t help. It appears that Twitter got a hold of a conversation involving Chris Rick, Louis CK, Rickey Gervais, and Jerry Seinfeld on the former talk show, ‘Talking Funny’ on HBO. The show which premiered in 2011 according to IMBD got the comedians together to breakdown comedy and their jokes. Now a clip from the conversation looks to have bothered many and sparked a debate within the comedy community. We all are aware that comedians should have the right to cross the line but does that apply to the ‘N-word’? In the now viral video, Louis displays his relationship with Rock by showing  Seinfeld and Gervais that he can get away with saying the N-word because he’s ‘The Blackest White Guy’. Gervais would also throw the word out there in the conversation while Seinfeld chose to avoid using it.

The reaction on Twitter had many people wondering why Rock was comfortable with seeing his colleagues using a ‘historically hurtful’ word so freely. Watch, below.

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