Walmart Gets Money Back After Tracy Morgan Lawsuit

Tracy Morgan

Walmart might be filling some relief after it was announced that the company will be receiving money back over their original court battle with Tracy Morgan. It was reported that Walmart was going to take legal action against the insurance company that helped reward Morgan with an undisclosed amount in which they did. Turns out that Walmart ended up reaching agreement with XL Insurance America and will be getting money back.

Walmart is getting its money back after settling a multi-million dollar lawsuit with comedian Tracy Morgan. The superstore paid Morgan and the family of his pal James (uncle Jimmy Mack) McNair — who died in the 2014 crash involving one of its trucks — millions of dollars, but has now received a considerable amount back from its insurance company, TMZ reports. Walmart reached a settlement with Morgan back in May 2015 and then immediately filed a claim with its insurance company XL Insurance America to be reimbursed. XL initially declined to pay the company back for what it dished out to Morgan and the other parties involved, so Walmart was ready to go head-to-head with the insurance company in court. However, XL decided this week to avoid a legal battle and strike a deal with Walmart for an undisclosed amount, according to TMZ.