Walmart And Tracy Morgan Avoid Court Over Accident Payout, Settlement Reached

We’ve been lightly following some of the aftermath of Tracy Morgan’s Walmart lawsuit. Since then a settlement was reached and Morgan was handed over an undisclosed amount for the accident that nearly cost him his life. Two insurers who were responsible with Morgan’s payout would later file a suit of their own, claiming they paid too much. Now reports have surfaced that those lawsuits have been dismissed.

Walmart has settled a lawsuit by two insurers that sought to avoid covering its multi-million-dollar payout to comedian Tracy Morgan for injuries he suffered in a 2014 crash involving one of the retailer’s trucks. U.S. District Judge Freda Wolfson in Trenton, New Jersey, on Monday ordered the dismissal of all claims against Walmart by Ohio Casualty Insurance and Liberty Insurance Underwriters, and all counterclaims by Walmart against the insurers. Terms of the settlement are confidential, and both sides agreed not to bring their claims again. The accord came 2-1/2 months after the insurers, both affiliated with Liberty Mutual Group, had sought permission to question Morgan and another injured passenger, Ardley Fuqua, to help them determine whether Walmart paid too much.


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