Wanda Smith Fired Following 2018 Interview With Katt Williams

Last year, Katt Williams became the talk of the internet when he would stop by Atlanta’s V103’s ‘Frank And Wanda In The Morning’ show. Williams would end up calling out fellow comedians and found himself in an epic roast battle between him and then host Wanda Smith. Williams would end up getting the upper hand in the roast.

The VIRAL roast would bother Smith so much that it was reported that her husband tried to get a hold of Williams days later over the matter. A police report would also reveal that a gun was even on the scene.

Listeners who caught a hold of the story felt that Smith didn’t handle the situation professionally and suggested that Atlanta radio host should be fired. Well, to start 2019, it appears that V103 has now made the decision not continue their partnership with Smith.

As of now it’s unclear as to why Smith is out at the station but many are suggesting that her mismanagement of the Williams’s interview in 2018 is a reason. Smith’s final interview on record for the station looks to have happened on Jan. 3rd with Faizon Love.

Welcome to 2019 and the first Atlanta radio personalities who are out: Wanda Smith and Miss Sophia from V-103. They were part of the Frank Ski’s original morning show and the revamped one that returned nearly a year ago.  Smith has been a mainstay at V-103 for more than two decades with just a single year off in 2013. A comedienne by trade, she has provided Ski with wisecracks and ebullience. She was also part of Ryan Camerons show for most of his morning run until he chose to leave V-103 last January, opening the door for Ski’s full-time return. V-103 management does not typically discuss why it makes these types of personnel moves and general manager Rick Caffey did not return a message seeking comment.


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