Wanda Sykes Explains Why She Quit ‘Roseanne’: “I Couldn’t Go Get That Check, It’s Bigger Than That”

In a new interview with ‘Sway In The Morning’, comedy veteran Wanda Sykes would sit down to discuss her newest project, ‘Unprotected Sets.’ As an executive producer of the series, she hopes that the new show will serve as a platform for rising comedians on EPIX. At one point during her talk with Sway and co-hosts, Sykes would explain the moment she realized she would have to quit ‘The Roseanne reboot’ after Roseanne Barr would tweet out a racist remark.

I told them and it was crickets …. I was like … I can’t wait around for this…It was bigger than that… I couldn’t go get that check. I got a price tag.

Sykes would also bring her attention to Bill Cosby and their past feud. Watch the full interview, below.