Wanda Sykes Says She Bombed In Front Of The Obamas With A Sojourner Truth Joke

in 2009, Wanda Sykes was invited to host the White House Correspondents Dinner at our nations capital. According to Sykes there was a moment she ended up bombing while with Michelle Obama and Barack Obama. In a new interview on First We Feast’s Hot Ones, Sykes enjoyed some hot sauces and kept things real. The joke she would go on to share was about abolitionsit Sojourner Truth. Sykes says she knew about Michelle Obama putting a statue of Truth in one part of The White House, and she would go to joke that The Obamas should nail it down incase the following First family moved it to the kitchen. Sykes would go on to say the joke “Hit flat.”

If you’re wondering why we won’t see Sykes in season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it turns out she’s wondering the same thing. Watch the full interview below with host Sean Evans.