Watch The 2016 Roast Battle Championship Fight Between ‘Mike Lawrence & Sarah Tiana’, Lawrence Wins

Comedy Central recently partnered up with The Roast Battle comedy show to take the show to TV. The four day competition featured comedians from across the country who all took to the stage to insult each other. The other night we got to witness the final battle which left comedian Mike Lawrence and Sarah Tiana going head to head. As reported by TLB, Lawrence won.

16 people entered, one man left and that man is Mike Lawrence. Lawrence is the 2016 Roast Battle Champion. He was crowned Sunday evening after a live telecast on Comedy Central and 4 night competition from Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival. Lawrence took down Sarah Tiana to take the title. It wasn’t an easy route for the freshly minted Emmy nominated comedian and writer, as he took on some heavy hitters to take the title.

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