Watch Bonus Footage Of Bill Bellamy, Erika Alexander, And Darryl M. Bell On ‘Insecure’s’ ‘Kev’yn’

Last week, ‘Insecure’ returned for their 3rd season and fans were actually given two shows for the price of one. As mention, ‘Insecure’ features a show within the show called ‘Kev’yn’. The series serves as a homage to 90’s sitcoms and stars actual actors from that era. Most notably; Bill Bellamy, Erika Alexander, and Darryl M. Bell all feature in the fake sitcom. Adding to the show being treated like an actual show, HBO and Issa have now started to roll out clips from the show for us to watch online. Check out the first two clips, below.

Want more Kev’yn?

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