Watch Debbie Allen Explain Bill Cosby’s Reaction To Lisa Bonet Getting Pregnant, Archives

Just as the week came to an end, Lisa Bonet broke her silence in regards to her TV dad, Bill Cosby. Bonet would suggest in a Net-A-Porter interview that she wasn’t surprised by Cosby’s ongoing allegations. As many of you should know, Bonet and Cosby became publicly at odds as the actress got older. Cosby appeared to have wanted his TV daughter to behave off-screen in a way that aligned with her TV persona.

We recently came across an archived interview with Debbie Allen discussing the departure of Bonet on the Cosby Show follow-up, ‘A Different World’. Allen goes to share the exact details of what took place when Bonet told Cosby she was pregnant. Cosby is currently battling it out in court to clear his name from several allegations of sexual assault against him.