Watch: In One Of His Last Interviews, Jerry Lewis Cracked Jokes With Jerry Seinfeld Over Brunch

Tomorrow, Jerry Seinfeld will officially premiere the newest season of ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ on Netflix.

The series features Seinfeld with a collection of respected comedians for a day out. Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis who passed back in August of last year would even film an episode of Seinfeld’s series. In a new clip released, we see Lewis & Seinfeld sharing brunch together and of course, jokes were also on the menu.

In a preview of the 20-minute episode, Seinfeld and Lewis make a trip to Omelet House in Las Vegas for some specific brunch orders and coffee. (Hold the coffee for Lewis, though. He’s apparently not a fan of java.) “I’m gonna have three fried eggs up,” says the comedian, “and a large order of very, very, very stiff bacon.” After Seinfeld places an order of his own, the server goes on to ask him if he wants anything else, listing potatoes, fresh tomatoes and assortments of homemade bread as options. The scene is reminiscent of Lewis’ 1983 film Cracking Up, as Seinfeld’s response is the same following each suggestion: “I don’t want it.”…The so-called King of Comedy takes a cue to deliver one of his own. “What’s your name?” Lewis asks the waitress. When she answers him, Lewis dryly responds with “Valerie? That was my father’s name!”


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