Watch ‘KevOnStage’ Chase His Dreams While Balancing Family Life In ‘A Calculated Risk’ Documentary

Going after a dream when you’re younger is one thing but going after a dream while juggling marriage and fatherhood is a completely different scenario. Today, online star KevOnStage (Kevin Fredericks) would release documentary ‘A Calculated Risk’ featuring himself along with the people in his life. Fredricks has been one of today’s most consistent online comedic acts in the past years by delivering new content to his audience daily.

The documentary captures Kevin’s early beginnings into comedy, tour life and how he balances being a father as well as a husband. The nearly 1-hour documentary features fellow comedians Tony Baker, Tahir Moore, his wife, young sons, family, and friends. As you will see, when you’re determined to make something happen there’s no choice but to win.

Watch the full feature, below.

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