Watch Whoopi Goldberg And Tessa Thompson In The Trailer For Upcoming Comedy, ‘Furlough’

Late last year we shared that Tessa Thomspon & Whoopi Goldberg were headed to theaters for the new comedy, ‘Furlough’. Goldberg plays Thompson’s onscreen mother in the feel-good comedy that follows a part-time corrections officer.  A trailer for ‘Furlough’ has now been released to better tell it’s story.

Tessa Thompson and Whoopi Goldberg are teaming up for a new comedy titled Furlough. In the film, Thompson stars as a young woman who lives with and cares for her aging mother (Goldberg), while working part-time at a jail. At work, she is given a chance to show off her abilities when she is assigned to accompany an unruly prisoner (Melissa Leo) on an emergency furlough to visit her dying mother, but the duos trip goes haywire.


Check out the trailer, below.

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