We Might See Jamie Foxx Start Impersonating Dave Chappelle, Stops By ‘The Late Show’ With His Daughter

Last night, Jamie Foxx would sit down with Stephen Colbert for a new episode of ‘The Late Show’. He would start off the interview with a big entrance in which Colbert would join in. In the middle of their conversation, Jamie would begin talking in an obscure voice which Colbert would dub it as ‘Dave Chappelle’s voice’. Of course, Jamie then saw the opportunity to play around with the idea of him impersonating Dave Chappelle.

As the talk continued, Jamie would tell viewers “I’m going to work on that Dave Chappelle thing”. With a new season of Jamie’s series ‘Beat Shazam’ coming back to FOX, Foxx will now be joined by his daughter Corrine on the show. Corrine would eventually join her dad towards the end of the stop on ‘The Late Show’.

Take a look at their talk, below.