We Need To Talk About Ellen DeGeneres, There’s No One Like Her

You can say a lot about show business. Its basic rule of conduct is to entertain, and for the most part, it does that. But the great personalities of real influence and power that possess an authentic likability are rare. Alongside the phenomenal Oprah, many would agree on Ellen DeGeneres to be a suchlike rare occurrence. It’s not easy to argue against it.

Photo: AlbertHerring

The main reason behind such esteem and recognition Ellen has among the wide scope of audiences, among practically all the age groups, is her TV series, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” It has been running for 15 seasons since 2003 and managed to scoop up plenty of awards along the way. With a record of 59 Daytime Emmy Awards by 2017, including a few titles of Outstanding Talk Show and Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment, her show has surpassed by the one and only “The Oprah Winfrey Show” (47 total), but to be fair, Oprah has taken her series from the consideration a while ago.

The concept it is based on combines all the fans’ favorites: musical guests and celebrity presence, human-interest stories and comedy bits, live audience involvement and contests with prizes. The hostess maintains a good relationship with the viewers, taking care of spectators in the studio and out in the field as well as by interacting with crew members. She often treats the regular folks with money giveaways, surprises them by introducing their favorite celebrities, subjects them to elaborate pranks or straightforward scares them among many other crazy things. Usually not alone, invited guests are equally important pieces of the puzzle. The show has plenty of segments based on original ideas, as typical to those kinds of programs. For example, you might self-explanatory celebrity pranks, the “In Your Facebook” segment, featuring funny photos taken out of the popular social media channel, and more.

Of course, as a prominent figure in show business and celebrity world who has worked in every medium available, she is involved with many other projects across various fields and industries. Back in 2015, she launched a lifestyle brand called ED by Ellen. She started her own record label five years before that. She often acts as a spokeswoman for different products and campaigns. She even has a cool slot machine line dedicated to her name, which is one of many examples of her established presence in pop culture. She also supports several charities, organizations and noble projects, which makes her one of the busiest people out there. What is most admirable in her case, is that she does not limit herself to publicly promoting a cause but seems to care about the issues she believes in and lives by those rules even when the cameras are off — out of the kindness of her heart. The most notable charitable operations she supports include:

  • Small Change Campaign, which allows participants to donate spare change to the Feeding America program.
  • The Gentle Barn initiative for rescuing abused farm animals.
  • Various essential matters, such as refugees’ status, disadvantages among young people, cancer and AIDS treatment, mental health care and LGBT movements.


    • Photo:  ChuckKennedy

Indeed, there is no shortage of reasons why people love Ellen, why she became popular in the first place or how she continues to inspire us all. She also has rather warm feelings toward the general population but isn’t afraid to manifest her disapproval if need be. Her career looks like a series of well-though-out actions. She uses her recognition in the public’s eye, and fame in general, to turn the crowd’s attention to the world’s problems and does this quite well. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” apart from its entertaining purposes, serves as a platform not only to perform acts of kindness but also to encourage simple human compassion in everyone who cares to listen. The fact that such ideas resonate with people is the most impressive here, although the practical gestures, money contributions and other good deeds are sights worth watching throughout the series. For Ellen, even the Academy Awards evening posed a perfect opportunity to give back to the community. The famous Oscar selfie went viral in 2014, and the manufacturer of the phone promised one-dollar donation for every retweet of the memorable moment. The cap reached three million, and the money was distributed between a few foundations.

It should be clear that Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most characteristic and commonly appreciated TV stars, hostesses, personality — you name it — in the industry. Undoubtedly, she is the kind of person we could use more of in the world of entertainment. But there is only one Ellen and you have to admit, that is plenty enough.