We Will See Mike Epps Portray Richard Pryor This Year, Nina Simone Biopic To Be Released

mike epps

Fans will finally get a chance to check out an early look of Mike Epps as the iconic Richard Pryor. Back in 2013, a biopic on singer Nina Simone was completed with actress Zoe Saldana as the lead. In the film Mike Epps plays an older Richard Pryor in the unreleased project. It was speculated even by Epps that the film wouldn’t be released but now the studio who owns the project has revealed that we can expect ‘Nina’ this year. Essence went on to point out the upcoming release.

Moviegoers can expect to see Nina: The Biopic of Nina Simone in theaters before year’s end.
Ben Latham-Jones the newly named owner of Ealing Studios — the film house that owns Nina — unsuspectingly confirmed the release in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Epps currently is in the works for a full performance as Pryor in the announced Richard Pryor biopic.

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  1. Sure he’s going to act different In nina than the actual pryor movie

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