Comedy Hype’s First Ever Digital Cover Featuring 12 Of Atlanta’s Most Talked About Comedians

We here at Comedy Hype are proud to release our first-ever digital cover. For us we couldn’t do it any other way but to spotlight a city we’ve seen first-hand become a recognized comedy town. Welcome To Atlanta.


To make it in Atlanta, comedians have to be entertainers and entrepreneurs. “I’m out here slanging jokes” is more than something Atlanta comedians say to one another. Slanging jokes is being your own writer, director, producer, marketing and sales person. Slanging jokes is staying out late, flocking to one of many open mics overflowing Atlanta just for stage time. Slanging jokes is working for a feature, the opportunity to tour with a comedy favorite or a chance at making it to the big screen. Slanging jokes is bringing in your own income, putting food on the table and paying bills. For comedians in Atlanta, Slanging jokes is their business mold.

In our first-ever digital cover, we feature twelve of Atlanta’s most talked about comedians who are extremely funny and smart when it comes to business. They are respected as much for getting laughs as they are business savvy. These comedians have shaped the Atlanta comedy scene and are raising the bar. They organize, promote and perform. Their killer acts are timeless and their grind is unstoppable.Atlanta’s entertainment industry is thriving; it churns out artists like chicken laying eggs. The comedy scene is immensely growing with rooms and new acts. The comedians we present to you have founded and are leading this trend. For these Atlanta local moguls, “slanging jokes” is their way of life.#WELCOMETOATLANTA