Wendy Williams Recruits Luenell For ‘How You Laughin?’ Comedy Show

wendy williams

On November 15th, talk show host Wendy Williams will be at the New Jersey Pac for a stand-up comedy show accompanied by Luenell. Williams, who has been talking about her new venture into stand-up spoke about the upcoming comedy show this week to her fans. While discussing the show she made sure to let fans know she has been prepping her routine, thanks to veteran stand-up, Luenell. For the show called ‘How You Laughin?’, Wendy will be performing stand-up comedy for the first time in her home state of New Jersey. After a recent filming of her talk show, Wendy explained what people can expect and her comedy style, “Really my comedy is not comedy, its  humorous stories about real life situations,” she went on to say. Other comedians involved for the show include Jonathan Martin, Pat Brown, Meme Simpson, and Hadiyah Robinson. Later this October, Wendy will embark on her first ever stand-up performance at the Venetian in Las Vegas, for the Lipshtick comedy show which also includes Luenell. If you are in New Jersey this November, you can get your tickets for Wendy’s comedy stop here.

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