Whoopi Goldberg Tells The New York Times How ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ Has Been Ruined Because Of Social Media

Whoopi Goldberg took out a moment to speak with the people of The New York Times about her newest ventures. In the opening part of their interview she went on to explain why she ended up defending Bill Cosby on The View.  As she pointed out,  social media made Cosby guilty before the court of law.

NT: You’ve been the moderator of “The View” since 2007, where you have been known to share the occasional provocative opinion, including that Bill Cosby should be considered innocent until proven guilty, which you later walked back. Do you consider the Roger Ailes case similarly?

I used to think that “innocent until proven guilty” was the American way. But now social media makes that decision for you. People are at a disadvantage in a way that they weren’t before; you don’t really seem to be able to have your own opinion about something. I believe strongly that we should always encourage women to say something, so that if it’s true, you can prove it and get somebody off the street, and if it’s not, clear them and move on.


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