Is Wayne Brady Is An Underrated Performer?

The definition of a triple threat is someone in a particular field who exhibits three skills that are necessary to excel. In the entertainment industry its usually someone who can sing, dance, act amongst other things. In conversation of some of the greatest triple threats one may name the likes of Whoopi Goldberg or Jamie Foxx but outside of Hollywood crowd there’s one usually left out of the conversation and that’s Wayne Brady. And here’s why Wayne Brady is underrated.

Wayne Brady is an actor, singer, comedian, producer, game show host and television personality who begun honing his craft at the early age of 16 when he started performing in community theater and at the Orlando improv troupe SAK Comedy Lab, where he first started developing his improv skills. His improv skills led to him making his television debut on the sketch comedy competition Kwik Witz from 1996 to 1999.

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is an incredible tool and it’s been good to me.” “Many people today will say, ‘I’m going to do improv.’ Improv is and it isn’t its own thing. For me it’s a tool, a great tool, and it has got me out of many an awkward live moment. As an actor, I’m going to explore everything I can get my hands on.”From cruise ships to theme park shows with Disney and Universal, to weddings and bar mitzvahs, Brady expounded, “Whatever it takes to get on stage.

After his stint on Kwik Witz he would land his big break on Who’s Line Is It Anyway?His work on Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Earned Brady his first Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program. His stand out performance on Who’s Lined Is It Anyway? Led Brady to host his own show, The Wayne Brady Show. That ran for three seasons, From 2001 till 2004. During its time in syndication, it was nominated for several awards and won four Daytime Emmy Awards, two of which went to Brady for Outstanding Talk Show Host.

Brady has made numerous film and television appearances; including Roll Bounce, Everybody Hates Chris, Black Lightning and Chappelle’s Show. His appearance on Chappelle’s Show became an instant classic. The segment depicted Chappelle’s car ride around with Brady on what should be a simple car ride filled with anything but drugs and mayhem. As Chappelle tries to find a way out of the situation, Brady gets him high on PCP. The sketch inspired many popular catchphrases and lines including, “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?” The sketch came in response to Paul Mooney’s Chappelle’s Show character Negrodamus saying “White people like Wayne Brady because he makes Brian Gumbel look like Malcolm X.”

“We had a blast,” he said. “I had been a Dave fan f long before his sketch comedy show. When Paul Mooney made a joke about me, I was offended, so I spoke with the writers and said, ‘If you’re going to make fun of me, it’s got to be funnier.’ We met and wrote the sketch in two days and then shot the whole thing in one night in New York.

With all of his past accomplishments, Brady has admitted it’s a bit frustrating when fans only remember him from the Chapelle sketch.

They’re like, ‘Hey man, I love that thing!’”
Well, I’m glad you love that thing, but I have all of this,” “I don’t rest on past laurels,” “I know how much I do. The average person sometimes may not know that you’ve done X, Y and Z.”

Wayne’s body of work is unlike the usual stereotypes; which has lead to some to question his blackness.

“No one can be harder on Black people than Black people. And I understand that, we like to claim what’s ours — we are a very loyal audience. We like to call people out when we feel they’re not being what we want them to be. I get that too. What irks me is when the person who says, “Oh, Wayne Brady isn’t Black enough for this role,” is the 26-year old white screenwriter. Then, when the creative people cast the “Blackest” dude for the role it perpetuates that idea. If we just said there are a million ways to be Black that would be amazing. Just think how much we could get done.”

Contrary to popular belief Brady is not one to shy away from his blackness or social injustice either. in 2013 Wayne made headlines by saying to talk show host Bill Maher: ‘I Will Beat Your Ass In Public.’ Brady spoke about how Maher has characterized him on Aisha Tyler’s podcast, and on the HuffPost Live and explainined what he apparently has to do to prove his “blackness to the “Real Time” host.

And on June 5th Brady posted an old clip from the “Whose Line Is It Anyway” in which Waynes race becomes the joke in a police lineup sketch with fellow comedians Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Jonathan. This led to him and the shows host Aisha Tyler calling out the joke about race.

Reecently Wayne Brady opened up about a incident which left him fearing that his daughter, Mcessaile Masako Brady, could become a victim of racial profiling. Brady told Awhen Maile was 14, she accidentally locked herself out of the family’s Malibu home, setting off an alarm that warned “armed” responders of an intruder on the premises.

“I freaked out,” Wayne, said. “I was so worried that my daughter could not explain in the heat of the moment, ‘Yes, it’s my house.’ Was she going to let these officers in?” He told his daughter, “Get out of the house right now and run around the corner and down the street about half a mile. Go to your mama’s house.”

He explained his concern was rooted in a past experience where he was locked out of a former home in Sherman Oaks, Calif., and had to prove he owned it.

“The fear that these people would hurt me as I’m outside my own house — because it’s not unprecedented — so I knew that I could handle that because I was a man, but I was fearful for my little girl.”

Currently Brady is the host of an updated version of the game show Who’s Line Is It Any Way? and in 2018, Brady won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host for Let’s Make A Deal for the first time, after seven previous nominations. And back in December 2019, he was named the winner of The Masked Singer Season 2. After the win Brady would go on to tell, he wants you to focus on just one of those aspects of his long, storied career: his singing. “I’m an actor first and foremost and a singer first and foremost,”

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