Wife Of Patrice O’neal Writes Open Letter Defending Amy Schumer

von o'neal

Yesterday definitely started off interesting when the internet began buzzing that rising comedy star Amy Schumer looked to have taken a bit from the late Patrice O’neal. Fuel to the accusations came heavily after a video of an old performance of O’neals ran in comparison to Schumer’s newest special, Amy Schumer Live At The Apollo. Both performances shared a similar joke on two specific sex acts, and oddly enough were told in the exact same order. A few in comedy spoke on the matter and friends of Schumer went on to defend her. As the day progressed Schumer ended up breaking her silence on the accusations by stating she never saw O’neal perform the jokes in question. Now joining those who look to clear Amy’s name is Von Decarlo, Patrice’s wife. In a post shared with her fans online, DeCarlo went on to share that Patrice came across those particular jokes during his travel to college campuses.

Von Decarlo

Is the Schumer hunt over? Currently DeCarlo is working on a upcoming O’neal documentary, as well as an recently announced comedy album for Patrice.

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