Will Ferrell Involved In A Car Accident, SUV Flips Over

Will Ferrell ended up in a pretty scary car accident on Thursday night. According to TMZ, Ferrell was and passengers were riding in an SUV when they were side-swiped by another vehicle. Luckily, the accident which took place in Orange County, California didn’t claim any lives and Will wasn’t seriously injured.

Will Ferrell was riding in an SUV that got flipped over in a 2-car accident Thursday night, and he — along with 2 others — were rushed to a hospital for treatment. The wreck happened in Orange County on the I-5 freeway around 11 PM. Will was one of 3 passengers in the chauffeur-driven SUV. Witnesses tell us they got side-swiped by another car. It’s unclear what injuries Will suffered … he was speaking on his phone as firefighters loaded up his stretcher to take him to the hospital. One witness said a woman in Will’s vehicle was more seriously injured, and was bleeding profusely on the scene.

According to updated reports, Will has been released from the hospital and alcohol & drugs have been determined to not play a factor in the accident.