Will Smith Says His Genie Will Be ‘Blue’ In Live-Action Of Aladdin

Yesterday, things got interesting when Disney would release the first look of the cast of the upcoming ‘Live-Action’ of Aladdin. In an exclusive with ‘Entertainment Weekly’, those anticipating the film were finally able to see how Will Smith’s version of Genie would look. Well, unfortunately for many Smith’s appearance as Genie was a miss. The disappoint around Smith’s Genie was mainly due to the fact that he didn’t appear in his traditional blue color.  Check out the above picture.

Smith would catch wind of the fan disappointment and would follow up on Instagram by sharing that his Genie will in fact be blue and mostly CGI.

Their disapproval was so intense that Smith even felt compelled to respond to the backlash on Instrgram, explaining that Genie would be blue in the film. The 50-year-old actor said that his appearance on the EW cover was Genie’s form when disguised as a human….The lack of blue wasn’t Twitter’s sole complaint, however. Users really went to town making fun of Smith’s look as Genie.


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