Wow!: Heckler Throws Chair At Comedian During Show, Fight Breaks Out

Hecklers are normally known for hurling profanity and slurs at a comedian but a few nights ago in Edmonton, Canada one heckler decided to throw a chair at comedian Sterling Scott during his performance. According to comedian Hannibal Thompson who obtained the footage, a drunk heckler threw a Canadian dollar at the stage while attending a bar on Wednesday during a comedy night, and comedian Sterling who was hosting the event didn’t appreciate it, and requested the man to stop. In response to the request the heckler then threw a hundred dollar bill at Sterling. Sterling then demanded the heckler to leave, words were exchanged, and the heckler picked up the nearest chair and threw it at Sterling. Once the chair hit Sterling he then rushed off the stage to fight the heckler which lasted for a bit. After the two were separated, police were called to the scene, but by then the heckler had already left. Check out the footage above. Now word yet from Sterling Scott.

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  1. I like how at all points they avoid pointing out that the abusive heckler was yet again, a woman.

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