Writer Of Hannibal Buress’s New Show, Charla Lauriston Talks Comedy Industry And Being Funny


Taking a break from her web series ‘Clench And Release’, NYC’s Charla Lauriston caught up with Splitsider to discuss her latest. In a piece of their interview, Charla went on to mention her new writing job over at Why with Hannibal Buress on Comedy Central, and says being funny is the main thing that matters despite what the industry may show. When asked wether gender favoritism is bad for comedy, Charla went on to express the importance of being funny.

“I feel like some people are getting put on because this is how the industry is currently moving, but that that’s part of the progress. I feel like people shit on the industry for determining what is hot and what is not but I think it really comes from who is out right now and who is doing the funniest shit. Just because there’s a bunch of movies in Hollywood with women in it, like that awful Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara movie, as soon as the industry realizes something can make money they will always pounce on it, but that kind of stuff starts at UCB. Funny women and guys always start in comedy clubs or UCB and we knew it was funny before everyone else knew it was funny. You can’t cheat comedy. Even if unfunny people get a show because of some kind of affirmative action, it’ll get cancelled because it’s not funny or something like that. In comedy, it really does come down to: Are you funny or are you not? If you’re not good, get your shit together.”

‘Why with Hannibal Buress’ is set to premiere July 8 on Comedy Central at 10:30PM EST.


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  1. She got good points but only a small percentage is based off being funny, politics as usual!!

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