Zach McGowan To Play The Villain In ‘Bad Boys’ Pilot

Photo: Black Sails

NBC’s Bad Boys Pilot is coming together as they have just announced actor Zach McGowan will play the series’s Villain.  McGowan’s recent casting comes weeks after it was revealed that Jessica Alba joined the cast to play Gabriel Union’s partner.

The Bad Boys TV spinoff continues to come together nicely, as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Black Sails actor Zach McGowan joins the cast. He will be costarring opposite the female leads Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, and will reportedly portray the villain who clashes violently with Union’s character in the pilot. The still-untitled NBC spinoff of the Jerry Bruckheimer action franchise will focus on Sydney “Syd” Burnett from Bad Boys II, with Union reprising her role from that film. Now no longer a DEA operative, she’s moved to Los Angeles and become part of the standard police department. Syd is partnered up with Nancy McKenna (Alba), who is just as capable as the impulsive ex-undercover agent, but is also a working mom with a more cautious approach to her work. The show looks set to create some of the same dynamics as the two Bad Boys movies, with the relationship between Martin Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett and Will Smith’s Mike Lowrey echoed by the two actresses here.