Zack Fox Tells Comedy Hype About Adult Swim’s On The Green Tour, Plus We Find Out What’s Zack’s ‘Bucket List’

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Zack Fox is a superhero. Zack’s superpower is being 100 miles ahead of everyone who attempts to drive in his lane. There are tons of content curators, but Zack’s weird, engaging and offbeat perspective is what separates him from the pack. I imagine that Zack Fox’s brain runs in overdrive with funny scenarios”, as he creates content. Zach is a writer, director, comedian and currently the host of Adult Swim’s On ‘The Green tour’. Comedy Hype caught up with Zack Fox to get the scoop on the tour, plus, Zack tells us what else he’s cooking up next!

CH: You’re the host of the Adult Swim On The Green Tour. It’s a tour like no other. It’s essentially the entire Adult Swim fanbase coming together to get weird together. You’re the perfect host for this tour, because your brand of humor matches the Adult Swim tone perfectly. What prompted you to host the Adult Swim On The Green Tour?

Zack: I’ve had a relationship with Adult Swim for a while now. I started annoying them when I was like 20, trying to build a relationship. I was just being a fucking Bug-a-boo. I knew Adult Swim was doing cool shit and I wanted to be a part of it somehow. I’m glad they reached out for me to host the tour. I’ve been having a lot of fun in the cities we’ve been going to.

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CH: You’ve successfully completed 9 of the 10 dates on the tour. What’s been the most fun part so far?

Zack: The best date so far was Miami. It was my first time there and it was the stereotypical Miami that I was hoping for. Lots of pornstars and cocaine. [Laughs]

CH: You’re down to the last date on the Adult Swim tour. What’re you looking forward to this Saturday, June 30th, in Minneapolis?

Zack: Anything could happen in Minneapolis. It’s the last date. I might get jumped. Hookah girls might come out with sparkling bottles and burn the stage down. Who knows?

CH: So after this tour wraps, the Adult Swim audience will be more familiar with Zack Fox and your brand of humor. How do you feel about the possibility of an Adult Swim show curated by you?

Zack: Creating a show is one of my main goals. I made a pilot a while back with my friend Alex Russell for Viceland. I loved the pilot we made, but it didn’t get greenlit, so i’m just continuing to grind and make the cool shit that I like. I think Adult Swim would be the perfect outlet for the ideas that I have.

CH: Later this year, in October, you’re linking back up with Adult Swim for their 2-day festival in Los Angeles. How excited are you for the Adult Swim festival?

Zack: I’m looking forward to all of the cool scheduled performances. Hannibal Buress, Wavves, and definitely my big sister Thundercat. It’s always fun when I’m hanging out backstage with him. The Adult Swim festival is going to be an all-around fun time.

CH: Zack, when I say these words, what’s the first thing that you think of? Starting with Strippers.

Zack: [Laughs] I want to make an ASMR album using the sounds of strip clubs. Mostly it would be just the DJ calling you gay the whole time and  telling you to spend more money. That actually happened to me during my first time at a strip club. [Laughs].

CH: What about when I say Atlanta?

Zack: Chicken bones on the ground. 2 Chainz singing the National Anthem while strippers twerk on him. Watching people fight when Crime Mob comes on.

CH: And finally: Bootymath.

Zack: Legacy. [Laughs]

CH: The Adult Swim On The Green tour is wrapping up. What other cool stuff does Zack Fox have on the horizon?

Zack: My radio show “Bruh with Awful Records” on Red Bull Radio is a good listen. It’s a show where I interview the people that I find cool and interesting. We’re in our 3rd season now and hopefully it only gets better from here. I just talked to rapper J.I.D. and I’m really hoping to talk to Freddie Gibbs and a lot more people. I’m also going to direct more videos and continue working on more pilots.

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